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All SLIMFIT parachutes are equipped with an all-flat buckle at the chest strap, that gives the pilot full freedom of movement during the flight.



SLIMFIT Mk-5 is a soft and flexible parachute, that is equal thin from top to bottom. The container is shaped so that the rigger can choose to pack it firm at the top or firm at the bottom. 

The suspension lines sit on the safety diaper, which is mounted at the bottom of the canopy, and the rigger can choose to place this part of the canopy at the top or at the bottom of the container. This is of course done in consultation with the owner.

This way SLIMFIT Mk-5 provides full comfort according to individual wishes from the pilot.


All SLIMFIT models are equipped with a delicious memory foam back cushion in imitation lamb, which helps to channel air in between the back and the parachute, and thus provide a certain thermo effect during the flight. The hood is a state-of-the-art FFE-201-D, which is made of 0-porous ripstop nylon, whose properties ensure the shortest possible opening time.



   - FFE 201 D canopy is approved and manufactured under         TSO c23b & N.A.S. 804

   - Max deployment speed: 150 knots = 278 km/t

   - Max total weight (Pilot + clothes + equipment): 242 lbs =         113 kg

   - Sink rate with a pilot weight at 105 kg er ca 5,5 m / sec.

   - 0-porøsity (Permeability), 22 gores, flying diameter 19,3           ft, surface 420 sq.ft.

  - Total weight of the parachute: 6,8 kg

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