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CAHOMA performs annual service to all types of pilot emergence parachutes, including airworthiness approval, repacking, and possible repairs.

Be accurate with your SLIMFIT parachute - or any parachute. It might become your life insurance.

Even it is not your own personal parachute, but belongs to the club, it deserves to be taken good care of.

      - Do not leave your parachute directly on the ground.

      - Never use your parachute as a weight bag on the wing tip.

      - If you leave the parachute in the cockpit between flights, it has to be covered up.

      - The parachute is made from artificial fibers that deteriorates under UV radiation.

      - UV radiation also works in grey and cloudy weather.

      - The parachute is never to be stored in a damp and humid room.

      - Mold and mildew weaken the material.

      - The parachute is to be stored under conditions that you feel comfortable yourself.

      - Use the transport bag that comes with the SLIMFIT to protect your parachute when not in use.

In Denmark the equipment inspectors are checking the vital points at 60 day intervals. 120 days after repacking at the latest.

Just like you make a preflight check to your aircraft before you take off, you should do the same to the parachute. It is done within a minute.

      - Is the ripcord handle correctly and firmly placed in its pocket ?

      - The ripcord pins at a SLIMFIT is situated under the back pad.

      - Are the ripcord pins correct in place ?

      - Is the RED sealing thread unbroken ?

      - Is the sealing current from this year ? – Packing date is at the paper seal.

      - Are all buckles functioning correctly ?

      - Is the pilot chute slipped or overturned ?

      - Does the parachute look all right ? Or does something appear wrong ? – Ask somebody.

      - Is there anything that needs to be corrected by a professional ? – Return the parachute to CAHOMA.

All parachutes must have a valid annual airworthiness approval. This approval is performed by a certified packer. This is typically performed at the repacking session.

As a minimum SLIMFIT emergency parachutes must be repacked annually.

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